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I moved to America today, and I can't shift....fuq, I'm gonna die! I hate America!!! And addung to that, I have to share a room with my little bro, Joshua....Worst......move......ever

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Posted on 08:38AM on Dec 16th, 2012
I live in America.... i find it awesome *shrugs*
Posted on 08:54AM on Dec 16th, 2012
What's wrong with America? o3o It can't be that bad sharing a room XD
Posted on 10:47AM on Dec 16th, 2012
'MURRICA. I live in America. What country did you come from? o3o America is a weird place to live, I love it here, but, I'm getting tired of all the jerks here. Not trying to stereotype but if you're in a place like New York, no body really looks out for you, and if you're in a place like Florida, like I am, then watch out when driving, people are stupid. c: But this is no place to rant. I hope you have fun here eventually!
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